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Commercial inland marine insurance in a nutshell

Commercial Inland Marine Insurance is a specialized form of insurance that provides coverage for businesses that transport property on land. This includes equipment, products, parts and materials being shipped by automobiles, trucks and trains. Coverage also extends to property that is owned or in a business’ care related to construction, transportation, fine art and renewable energy. Inland Marine insurance is an important type of coverage for businesses that ship property on land, as it can protect against loss or damage due to accidents, weather, theft and other risks. Commercial Inland Marine Insurance can give business owners peace of mind and financial protection in the event of a loss.
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What does commercial inland 
marine insurance cover

Commercial Inland Marine Insurance is a type of property insurance that helps cover items that are typically excluded by property coverage. This type of coverage may help meet the costs to repair or replace covered property that is damaged due to covered events including theft, fire, wind, hail or water damage. Commercial Inland Marine Insurance may also include protection from damage or loss due to accident or mishandling, or in the event of an undetermined cause of missing property. This type of insurance can be an important part of a business's risk management strategy, and can help protect businesses from unexpected losses.

Inland Marine insurance typically covers the following:

  • Video, audio, or radio equipment
  • Bridges and radio towers
  • Property that is being transported
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Party and special event equipment
  • Fine art and collectibles
  • Electronics
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Solar panels and wind turbines
  • Miscellaneous property
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